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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The 100th post "Stats of the Blog" address

10 Ten posts
10 The linkage continues with Pastoral Musings (Dec 16, 2011)
7 Deof Movestofca's Grand Web Tour #2: 20 links in 2... (Jan 6, 2012)
7 Okay, I goofed- but it turned out to be even worse... (Nov 22, 2011)
7 Not crazy about theocracy (Sep 19, 2011)
6 An open letter to any rich Nigerians who may happe... (Sep 13, 2011)
6 Review: The History of the Higher Criticism (Sep 22, 2011)
6 Let's get this party started... (Sep 6, 2011)
6 An example of unnecesary criticism that isn't help... (Nov 26, 2011)
5 How sin sunk us into sickness (Dec 16, 2011)
5 Unreliable definitions of fundamentalism (Sep 11, 2011)
Other pages with 5 pageviews:

Who then is John Piper?: "Successful" preaching as...
Number of unvisited links:approximately 55-50
Number of comments: 7
Number of comments not authored by me: 5
Number of commented posts: 4

Top 5 Referring sites (not including those suspected of spam) (24) (23) (12) (9) (5)

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