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Saturday, November 26, 2011

An example of unnecesary criticism that isn't helpful (and therefore would appear worthless)

I Wish Joel Were More Careful In His Criticisms | Pastoral Musings

Joel... declares [Ken] Ham said that his books were worthless[, when] Ham’s declaration was that Scripture is the final authority and that it can be understood apart from man’s books....
We all have a tendency to read things into the statements of those with whom we disagree. It is a tendency that we must resist. We must take their words at face value.

(Note the "Joel" link leads to )

Maybe it's just me, but the following seems obvious:

The following distinction would appear helpful (and perhaps even necessary): just because something isn't necessary doesn't mean it can't still be helpful.  And something that is helpful (even if it isn't necessary) is not worthless.
I think it may further be helpful for some to re-read Ham's statement and see whether he was imply* they were really worthless or simply not necessary (even if they may be helpful).

*Yes, I know.  That should be "implying" instead of "imply".

NB: I'm going to drop the matter here, but don't be too surprised to see this page updated in case I get an unfavorable response to my comment.  I could have pointed out several more errors that I saw, but I don't see the point in beating a dead horse unless the horse doesn't realize how dead it is.

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  1. The criticism gets worse.
    Follow the links here.


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