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Monday, January 9, 2012

Bring back that loving feeling... don't let it be gone, gone, gone, woo oh oh

Don’t Treat the Gospel Like Your Wedding Pictures | Ordinary Pastor
Too often we function like comfortable married couples that have been together for decades. Older ‘mature’ couples get comfortable. They are not as immature and ‘green’ as those young couples that are smiling at one another, thinking about one another, and bragging about one another.
May God forbid that we get over the gospel! If maturity means indifference and distant then give me another word...!
If we are (and we are) forgetful, lethargic, unthankful, unmoved, unamazed Christians, then, by all means, pull out the gospel snapshots and sit and stare at the narrative. See the completed work of God in Christ for you. And, just like a good bride, don’t stop staring at the pictures until your heart is moved and you find yourself in love and happy in this marriage.
Sometimes I listen to love songs and think, this is what our love for God should be like- or, in such cases as "You've Lost that Loving Feeling", this is what we should avoid our love for God from becoming.
I remember wondering, 'What would happen if people did look at their wedding pictures every month?' Most certainly couples would be reminded of their love for one another, the beauty of their spouse, the changes over the years, and the love that they still have. It could be helpful. It could prevent 'issues'.
And while we're at it, perhaps we (for those of us who are married) should start looking at our wedding photos a bit more often as well. What a terrible thing it is to lose our first love.
Maybe I'm a bit slow sometimes, but I've always thought of the "first" in "first love" as meaning "of highest priority or importance". Thanks to your post, I'm now starting to wonder whether it should also be construed as "from the beginning". IOW, we should remember our love as it was when we were on fire for the Lord and not allow ourselves to become lukewarm.
So bring it on back (So bring it on back),
Bring it on back (so bring it on back).

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