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Friday, January 6, 2012

Deof Movestofca's Grand Web Tour #2: 20 links in 27 days

Note: the following first appeared on the "¤ Deof Movestofca's Web Tour ¤" static page, but were moved here to keep it from getting overloaded with links.

 N.B.:The author of the "Pastoral Musings" blog has written that he is moving to new hosting, so any links to that blog might not work at the moment.  I believe only the first link in the list is affected by this.  (Also, for those who are fastidious about such things, it might add a day or so to the "27" mentioned in the title).

A New Genre? In which it is éxplainéd that thosé who intérprét padding in resumés as lying don't undérstand thé resumé litérary génré (I figured if I was going to break out the character map anyway for "resumé", I might as well make the most of having to do so).  My recommendation for similarly-styled satire is James Thurber's essay "The Macbeth Murder Mystery".

U.S. lacks Christian heritage, billboard claims  Whéré I argué that ultimatély it doésnt mattér (in térms of whéthér thé Biblé is trué or not) whéthér the founding fathérs wéré Christians or not (I figured I'd add a few more "é"'s just for the fun of it).

Do All Religions Lead to God? 7 reasons why the parable of the six blind men and the elephant doesn't prove religious pluralism.

all in a good brew  In which I try, in my response, to link bad arguments against coffee (I would say "bad coffee", but in my opinion, that's redundant) and religion and somehow manage to wrongly wind up with what appears to be a female avatar.

from possibility to certainty in just 6 short pages an examination of the "argument" that Jesus and/or his parents were once Pharisees based on the flimsiest of evidence.  IOW, typical skepticism masquerading as scholarship (the book he quotes, not the post itself).

Of Xmas and Other X-things One would think that somewhere in this post there would be some mention of the X-Men.  But no, she has to discuss the Greek letter chi and chiasm.  Blatant bait and switch, if you ask me.

Basketball and Babylon An examination of the "court narratives" in Genesis (Joseph), Esther, Nehemiah, and Daniel, plus a suggestion from yours truly that their might be an "anti-court narrative" with Satan in Job (the Book of, that is, not the man himself).

Does Grace Produce Disobedience? An open letter to "Mr. Grace-Loving Antinomian".

Bad Art and the Tortured Beauty of the Cross "Bad art encourages escapism among Christians. Good art, epitomized by the Psalms, helps us long for the new creation even as we learn to love all God's creatures."  I couldn't have said it any better, although I would (and did) recommend Chris Koelle's digital graphic novel of The Book of Revelation as an example of good art.

Productive for the Glory of God, Good of Neighbors In which I argue that while scripture does mandate that workers should be productive, it also requires that those for whom they are productive should adequately recompense such productivity.

All (Animal) Guts, No Glory Why you shouldn't send a court magician to do a prophet's job

Hoarders Matthew 6: 19-21 seems like the perfect verse for this post.

Why Is Tebow Hated So Much? To paraphrase Alfred E. Newman, "What, me worry about what the world thinks about me?".

Alzheimer’s, Pat Robertson, and Human Nature Anti-biblical teaching is anti-biblical teaching regardless of how well-meaning it is or who's teaching it.

Who Will Be Greatest?  I couldn't leave a reply on the page because the comments seem to have been disabled for it.  However, it does make some of the same points I was trying to do in my "Ministry success: it's not about "our" success, it's about God's (Pen & Parchment, Parts 1 + 2)" post.

Snoopy & Theology I could be wrong about this, but I believe Charles M. Shulz wrote this strip (if you were thinking of George P. Shultz, has it ever occurred to you that you might be wrong?)

What Religion Should You Be? Even they agree I should follow Christianity.

Skye Jethani: The Wrong War on Christmas Response: "I think we, as Christians, would do better to focus on what Christmas means to us and stop worrying about what it means to non-Christians."  (Original post: Are Christians Fighting the Wrong “War on Christmas”?)

How Churches Can Save the U.S. Post Office Thinking outside the (mail)box.

5 Issues Your Members Will Talk About in 2012 A good example of how preaching can inform church members on political issues without endorsing a particular position or candidate.

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