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Friday, December 16, 2011

How sin sunk us into sickness

If You’re Sick, Maybe It’s Because You’ve Sinned | Clay Jones
What this means then is that when someone else is sick we can’t judge that it is because of sin, but if we ourselves are sick we should ask God if, perhaps, it is because of sin, and, if so, then confess and forsake it! Of course, the last thing Satan wants you to do is examine yourself to see if you are living a life worthy of God.
 NB: I make the same points (plus a few others) in my "Man's problem: How the Bible answers our most important question- why we suffer" post.
This is basically why I've never found the "problem of evil" (or "problem of pain") argument too persuasive: the Bible makes it clear that we did this to ourselves.  Or, as Pogo might say, "We have met the enemy- and he is us".  While it is true that it was Adam and Eve who sinned in the Garden of Eden, we confirm that we would have done no differently by our own sins.  We suffer and die because we have cut ourselves (and continue to cut ourselves off) from God, who is the source of all life.  It is not God who prohibits anyone from receiving this life, but rather those who reject His offer of life that block themselves from it.
I think there are several problems, though, from going from sickness in general is caused by sin in general to one-to-one identification between sickness and sin, not the least of which is that it would equate physical health with spiritual health.

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