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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The God that is not pursuing, nor in a journey, nor peradventure sleepeth and must be awakened

Stand to Reason Blog: One of These Gods Is Not Like the Others
Not all concepts of gods are equally likely (or unlikely), nor are they equally necessary. Is a rain god necessary to explain rainfall on any particular day? No. But is a creator God who, in a universe that had a beginning, brought everything (including the predictable laws of nature) into existence out of nothing necessary?  Now that is a completely different question.
This is one of those posts where my response is towards another comment rather than the post itself:
@ Josh: "If your religion is the correct one then your God is special because he is real."
You've got that backwards: If the God of the Bible is real, then our religion is the correct one. So you're just presenting a straw man here.
"But the idea that everything is one and everything is unified appeared in India before Christ, the whole concept of emptiness is a much better explanation of how things work."
I'm not quite sure where you're going with this, what you mean by "the concept of emptiness", why you believe it is a "much better explanation of how things work" or how any of this connects with the origins of science or Christianity.
"Science is not as recent as some think."
Then feel free to, ahem, enlighten us.

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