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2011 November 27 Not too Occupied to address what's happening on Wall Street
  • Responded to a reply by the author blog to a comment I made concerning a post he made
2011 December 14 A song fit for The King* Written by Queen**
  •  Somehow, the videos disappeared between the time I embedded them and the time I published the post.
2011 December 17 ¿IAQs?
  • Add more Infrequently Asked Questions. 
2011 December 25 Six Signs that Your Depiction of Fundamentalists Relies More on Media Stereotypes than Historical Research
  • Divided what was before a single sign into two and added another.
2011 December 26 Let's get this party started...
  • The video that was originally embedded in the post appears to have been deleted from YouTube, so I embedded a different copy or two or three.
2011 December 27 ¿IAQs?
  • Now with even more Infrequently Asked Questions! 
2012 January 3

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