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  • What's an "IAQ"?
Infrequently Asked Question.  In fact, many of them have probably never been asked, at least not to my knowledge.
  • What kind of name is "Deof Movestofca"?
Sorry, simply giving away the answer to this question would be too easy.  But I am willing to give a hint:  DeofMoVe(Stof)CA   Now think "driver's license" (or, alternatively, ID card).

  • So if Deof Movestofca isn't your real name, what is?
The whole reason I chose a pseudonym was because I would rather remain anonymous.  Thus, telling you my name would counter that.
  • What?  Are you afraid of being recognized?
No.  I'd just rather my arguments stand or fall on their own regardless of who I am or what my background is.
  • How do I join in on the link-o-rama with Grooving With a Pict?
 Ask and you shall (probably) receive.  Comment on a page would probably be best, although an e-mail might also, but more than likely, will take longer for me to respond.  Hefty bribes would not be out of the question either.  See "The linkage continues with Pastoral Musings" for details (note that I never said they wouldn't be any different than the details I already gave here.)
  • What's with all those numbers/words in brackets with p. and then some more numbers or letters after them (for example, "([Blinded], p. 19" on "Not crazy about theocracy")?
Those are references for which the bibliographical information can be found on the "Works Cited" static page.  In this case, if one wanted such information, then one would find it after "[Blinded]" on that page.
  •  How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Ah, Grasshopper, a woodchuck would chuck all the wood he* could if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
  • Is this all the questions on this page?
At least for now it is, until I come up with more, either by thinking of them myself or having someone makes a request.

*Unless it was a female woodchuck.  Then all bets are off.

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