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Monday, December 26, 2011

Woot!! My blog inerrantly made #1 on a search on

ministry success "deof movestofca" - Google Search

1. Grooving With A Pict

1 minute ago – Deof Movestofca: Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Third Star to the Right: A ... Ministry success: it's not about "our" success, it's about God's (Pen ...
Okay,so the keywords I was searching for were "ministry success deof movestofca". But, hey, it's a start. Actually I was looking for the following...:

5. Ministry | Clay Jones

Jun 1, 2011 – Last week I talked about the folly of basing your ministry success on the ... Deof Movestofca on If You're Sick, Maybe It's Because You've ...
... because it sounded similar in topic to this post (my name shows up there because of a comment I made on one of his pages- see "How sin sunk us into sickness" for details), which I had replied to but then my browser froze (Bad browser... baaaaaaad browser) before I could post a link to it on this blog. making me have to go find it all over again:

2. What Defines Ministry Success? | Parchment and Pen
6 days ago – If you do, you are extraordinary. You have a successful ministry beyond your imagination. ..... Again, just a guess? ;). Deof Movestofca says: ...
What does this all mean?  How should I know?  Just remember I did warn waaaaaaaay back in my original post on this blog (Let's get this party started...) that my choice of theme song "should serve as fair warning of the weirdness to come to one and all."

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