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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why I'm not willing to jump on the "Tim Tebow for president" bandwagon

Quarterbacking Our Country: Tebow Style - Matthew Dowd -
Obama, and so too the Republican candidates for president, can learn a lot from what is going on in the Mile High City.  Our economy, and this country, are struggling with huge deficits of confidence and faith.  We need a leader who can bring us together, exude confidence in us as a team, and lead us to where we need to go in the 21st century.  A leader who is willing to admit mistakes and approach politics not by pointing fingers or scoring points but by helping us all be better people....
But maybe a quarterback who seems as much boy as man can show us all, including the candidates for president, how to win and how to get our country back on track.  And how to have a little fun along the way.  Now that is a leader I would enthusiastically go in the huddle with.
First, this is a false analogy.  Presidents and quarterbacks are chosen in very different manners.  Until we, as voters, stop making it politically unwise to admit to making and not blame others, we're going to keep getting leaders who do just that.  Second, as important as it is to have a president that can lead, where he's trying to lead us to is even more important.  I'd rather have a leader that somewhat ineffectively leads us in the right direction than one who effectively leads us in the wrong direction.

And a couple of (or three) bones to pick with Sharper Iron:

On Tebow and Obama: "one man is offering his team the leadership they need while the other is trapped in traditional discourse and scoring political points" | SharperIron
On Tebow and Obama: "one man is offering his team the leadership they need while the other is trapped in traditional discourse and scoring political points"
First,  the original article makes it clear that the author is criticizing both Obama and the Republican candidates for president.  To fail to mention that it does so distorts its context, making it sound like it's saying that only Obama is guilty of such behavior.  Second, the charge is so vague that it could probably aimed at 99% of all politicians from both parties.  Singling out only Obama makes the author of Sharper Iron's soundbite sound blatantly partisan.  Third, doing so would also seem to be an example of being "trapped in traditional discourse and scoring political points", the very thing that he or she is criticizing Obama for.  Physician, heal thyself!
BTW, the title of this post isn't meant as a slam  against Tim Tebow, but simply an acknowledgement that what makes him a (so far) decent-to-good QB doesn't necessarily translate into him (or someone with the same characteristics as him) being a good president.

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