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Sunday, December 18, 2011

We will... we will... hymn you (hymn you)

A Critique of Worship Music Criticism | Parchment and Pen
The last question I’d have to ask is if worship music criticism does not point to a deeper issue and that of being critical in general.  While I can’t speak for individual motives behind each rendering of criticism, I have found with my own self it stems from a prideful arrogance that somehow my standard should set the precedent for how we worship God....
So my critique is this - stop being so critical.  Worship God with music that honors Him with whatever lyrics are consistent with His character, from the simplest to the most compact.  Allow others to worship Him as well.  Don’t ruin someone else’s worship experience because you don’t think the song has value.  If it directs us to the Lord, that is all the value we truly need.
IMO, the argument that rock music shouldn't be used for worship is simply a form of legalism.  My comment is a reply to one of the other responses:

"And the Psalms hardly compare to the saccharine stuff that passes for CCM."
I think the question should be not whether a particular type of praise is pleasing to us, but whether it is pleasing to God. I would think that God would be more interested in the sincerity and consistency to Biblical teaching than He would be the form.
"Besides, CCm is simply modeld in a majority of cases on bad contemporary rock and roll. Why privlige rock and roll for worship?"
Why "privilege" any form of music? What makes one form of music better for the purpose of worship better than any other?
"treating everyone as if they are below the age of 10 seems like an extremly [sic] short term strategy, to say the least."
First show that this is "treating everyone as if they are below the age of 10″ and I might be a bit more willing to agree.

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