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Sunday, November 27, 2011

"I'd like an order of blessings, God, but please hold the requirement of obedience"

Take me Out to the (Civil-Religion Affair) at the Ballgame « Cross Talk ~ crux probat omnia

Which “god” is [the] song ["God Bless America] about? In this context at least, it is a fictitious deity made in the image of American power and prowess. I understand why the average American wants a god made in the image of the United States and dedicated to its protection and blessing. But why are Christians also so enamored with this fictitious deity?

The God revealed in Jesus Christ is not interested in blessing America or Americans any more than any other nation or individuals.

My response:

The problem is that a more accurate phrasing (God give America a free ticket to treat other countries however we want because we’ve got better weapons than they do) just doesn’t roll off thetongue as easily.

Among Ed Dobson's "Top Ten list of the [Religious Right's] theologically flaswed statements" ([Blinded], p. 169):

1. America has a Most Favored Nation Status with God....

National pride is good....  But in the Religious Right, national pride takes on spiritual proportions... as if America is God's favorite nation.  This is heresy.  God [, however,] is the God of all nations, and all the nations (including the USA) are but a drop of water in the bucket.

One final note:the blessings of God (and we should remember here that such are more of a spiritual nature than a physical/financial one) come iff one is compliant with the considtions set by God by which He grants blessings.  If we fail to do so, then it shouldn't surprise us if He withholds them from us regardless of how many times we ask Him to grant them to us.

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