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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Of debatable value?

The Great Debate: Does God Exist? | The Resurgence
In 1985 the University of California at Irvine hosted a public debate between philosopher Greg Bahnsen and atheist Gordon Stein on the topic "Does God Exist?"....
Covenant Media Foundation has graciously given us permission to post the audio and transcript of the Great Debate. Take some time to listen to this audio or read the transcript for a great example of powerful Christian apologetics. It’s well worth it.
This debate somewhat helps illustrate why I'm not really a big admirer of the format: no matter how solid one side's arguments may seem to him or her, the other side often substitutes "I disagree" (although usually in more florid language) for refutation.  Often, both sides seem more interested in talking at each other than talking with each other.  Without an objective standard to weigh the strength of arguments, each side is free to consider himself or herself the winner.  Yet even though they rarely settle the matter decisively , I suppose they can still make interesting reading or listening.
I am curious to hear from anyone who has actually changed his or her beliefs, thoughts, opinions, or whatnot because of this or any  other similar debate, though.

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