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Monday, January 9, 2012

Feeling list-less? Here's 10 ways pastors fail their people

Joe McKeever: 10 Ways Pastors Fail Their People
  1. We have led our people to believe that when they are happy with our ministry, all is well in the church.
  2. We have taught our people that giving to missions is more important than praying for missions.
  3. We have allowed the congregation to delegate their mission to us the professionals
  4. The congregation has adopted the football coach pattern of leadership--if things aren't going well, fire the old guy and bring in a new one--while we have stood by and cooperated with it.
  5. We have told our people to pray and then not shown them how or kept it before them.
  6. We have catered to their prejudices and ignored their idolatries.
  7. We have smiled at their ignorance of the Word and done little to remedy it.
  8. We have given lip service to the presence of the Lord in our midst and ignored Him....  We have raised a generation of practicing atheists.
  9. We have put our continued employment above faithfulness to the living God.
  10. We have exchanged pleasing the Savior for compliments from the people.
Don't ask me why, but my spellchecker is balking at "idolatries".  But on to my response (to which I added the link at the end):
Related to #'s 2 and 3: We think of mission work as something that happens overseas (or at least in foreign countries) and not something that ts needed right here at home as well.
Related to #6: the practice of "preaching" politics from the pulpit.
Related to a whole bunch of these: we have replaced worship with entertainment.
8) This reminds me of Religious Lives of Twentysomethings..

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