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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Social Network Christmas

The Christmas Story Retold | The Prodigal Thought
Usually these kinds of things are quite cheesy. But I thought this re-telling of the Christmas story, via Facebook, was quite well done.
Not much to add, except watch for the spoiler alert after my response and see if you can spot the minor edit below (just pretend it's Waldo):
While I would admit that something like "The Digital Story of the Nativity" is a little cheesy (e.g., the three wise men discussing what gifts to bring), I don’t think it’s entirely bad, either (then again, I also happen to like "Bethlehemian Rhapsody" and "Hotel Can’t Afford Ya", so some might find my tastes a bit skewed). However, I clearly prefer "A Social Network Christmas", as it seems a bit more reverent and somber both in music and tone, thereby probably capturing the emotions of those who were involved better. Also, there seems to be a better synchronization between the music and what’s being typed.
Um, did I just review a couple of youtube videos? (Which might help explain why I prefer to write under an pseudonym).
(I don't want to hear anyone claiming they weren't warned!)
My favorite parts of the video:
  1. 1:24 Joseph typing that he's hurting/confused at hearing about Mary's pregnancy
  2. 1:57 + 1:59 "Oh, that's convenient..." and Joseph unfriended
  3. 2:42 "IT'S A BOY!" typed in at same time song starts with "Rejoice...."
  4. "His name shal be <close up> Jesus </video>
 BTW, there is no # 5, I just wanted to see how many people are paying attention.

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