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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

God's timing of the Nativity

At Just The Right Time | The Prodigal Thought
As Paul said in the passage above, Christ came at the fulness of time. Or, to translate even more, Christ came at the right time. There was no other time in the plan of our God. Not a day earlier, not a day later. And never was it in the plans of our God to withhold His Son from the world.
Just read the thing already..  It's beautiful.  My response:
"How many, including myself, have done things (even atrocious things) in the name of Christ that he never asked of us?"
First, while this is a good question, it does seem a bit off the topic of "What if Christ had never stepped into human flesh in our human world?" since it’s possitle that we would have rationalized our atrocious actions in some other manner if He had not. If anything, human imagination seems limitless when coming up with such rationalizations. Second, and or greater significance, I think the combination of these questions obscures that whether we’ve committed atrocious acts, or even how many atrocious acts that we’ve committed, is less important than whether we’ve repented of themand thereby misinterprets Jesus’ purpose for caming, which was not to make bad men good (however much that might be the result of His coming), but to make dead men live (I believe the source for this is Paul E. Little’s Know What You Believe, but cannot find the exact page at the moment). I mean this more as a minor quibble than outright criticism and hope it’s taken that way.
"As Paul said in the passage above, Christ came at the fulness of time."
Which brings up another interesting question/realization: can God do anything except at the right time?
"Let God be Immanuel now and forever. Let God come in the fulness of time, at just the right time, as we celebrate Christmas together."

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