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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Saying "bah, humbug" to those who claim there's a "war on Christmas"

Scrooge, Overjoyed – The Gospel Coalition Blog
Yet we want to play the Christmas police and protect the "real meaning of the season." Why do we expect a world that lives in darkness to understand Christmas in a way that only believers can? Are we Pharisees who want people to say the right words with the wrong hearts? Do we replace love for disgust, joy for disdain, peace for confusion, patience with intolerance, kindness for selfishness, faithfulness for ignorance, gentleness for harshness, and self control for selfish ambition?
 As long as Christ remains in Christmas for us as Christians, no one can completely take Him out of it.
Maybe I'm just picking at nits here, but I've never been convinced one should accept A Christmas Carol as a Christian story. However transformed- or repentant even- Scrooge may have been, I've yet to see any indication that he was actually redeemed, unless this somehow got lost in the screen adaptation of the story (which, I'll admit, I've never read). But I digress.
It's time to stop blaming culture for something it cannot do, that is, take Christ out of Christmas. However successful the world may believe it is at doing that, He is still there for us as long as we believe He is. However commercialized the season may become for some people, this should have no effect on what Christmas means to us. However much the world may reject, scorn, and mock God should have no effect on our beliefs unless we allow it. Instead of looking to the world for validation of our beliefs, we should be looking to God.

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