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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Deof Movestofca's Grand Web Tour #1: 20 links in 56 days

Note: the following first appeared on the "¤ Deof Movestofca's Web Tour ¤" static page, but were moved here to keep it from getting overloaded with links.

Proud Fundamentalist makes observations similar to my posts in my "Myths about Fundamentalists" series, but from a different angle

Bumper Sticker Christianity A fairly good assessment of "minimalistic" Christianity.

Deeper Issues Behind the Same-Sex Marriage Discussion The main issue, as I write in response to the article, is whether marriage is a God-made or man-made institution.

John Piper: I Was Racist | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction I find myself agreeing with some of what Piper says and disagreeing with other statements of his.  In this case (an excerpt of an article by [about?] him that appears to have been printed in Christianity Today), I find his writing to be too muddled to know whether I agree with him or not.  Perhaps he becomes clearer as the article progresses, in which case I might be doing his writing a bit of a disservice here.  From the excerpt itself, however, I couldn't find any indication of what specific point he was trying to make in the article.

Argument Poor, Make Fun of the Opposition add a side of appeal to ridicule with that bacon.

The Problem of Evil: Lesson 03 While the lessons over all are good, I disagree with many of the author's objections to the free will defense.

The Problem of Evil: Lesson 04 So does the author agree with free will or not?

Oh no! My wife’s coming home Well, not my wife, rather that of the author (who makes a very good analogy between cleaning house physically and cleaning house spiritually) of the post

Recall Notice A bit of humor over at TWeb

Why Won't God Heal Amputees No, not the website, but a post trying to "help" it by positing the "argument" that if God existed, He would have created 25-hour days. Since a day only has 24 hours, He doesn't exist.  (An example of Poe's Law, atheist style?)

Is There Really a non-Fundamentalist Christian? I don't see how one can deny the fundamentals of the Christian faith and still claim to be a Christian

Is Inerrancy Idolatry? A Few Simple Thoughts If an inerrantist believes that God is the source of all scripture, and that an effect (in this case, scripture) cannot be greater than its cause (in this case, God), how could they possibly place scripture above God?  An argument only a few intelligence points above the "God would have created a 25-hour day if He existed" one.

The Sad Lack of Rational Argument...  In which an argument by Dr. James F. McGrath against inerrancy on the basis that it relies on circular reasoning is shown to rely on circular reasoning.  Oh, the irony!

exclusivism If living in a pluralistic society didn't stop Peter, John, and Paul from proclaiming an exclusivist message, why should it stop us today?  (I found Johnathon Shelley's satire of the post-modern rationale behind inclusivism especially funny)

voting on heresy Who's next, Arius or perhaps Marcion?

intergenerational warfare Anyone who has heard The Who's "We Won't Be Fooled Again" or Genesis' "Land Of Confusion" should recognize this as being "same song, different verse"
Rob Bell takes his message to the churches Nothing really to add here

Does Hebrews Tell Us to Move On from the Gospel? "A text without a context is a pretext for a proof text."

pluralism Not all pluralisms were created equal

NB: I give up on making this page looking like I want it to.  Some of the spacing between lines is off, but I've already copied and pasted the entire post to notepad, copied and pasted it back to Blogger, and then re-did the links.  Anyone who thinks I'm going to do it again needs a psychological examination even worse than I do.

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