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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Denial" isn't just a river in Egypt- it's part of a Christian's call

WORLD Magazine | Daniel of the Year | Jamie Dean | Dec 17, 11

Alan Chambers is in denial. It's a charge his critics level against him on a regular basis. They say that Chambers- a former homosexual who helps others struggling with same-sex attraction- is denying what comes naturally to him. Chambers wholeheartedly agrees.
"For Christians, every day we're called to a life of biblical self-denial," he says. "We take up our cross and follow Christ, and we deny what comes naturally."
 (Comment is found at Alan Chambers Is in Denial – Justin Taylor)
I’m one of the last people who would defend the Religious Right, but I find it ironic that that if (and sometimes when) they used the same tactics used by activists for gay rights, there would be, often rightly so, cries of censorship and worse. And if they are right about homosexuality being unchangeable, then Exodus International should die out quickly enough due to lack of success.
NB: Just in case someone is tempted to perform a contextectomy on the title, "denial" means "renunciation of your own interests" as well as " (psychiatry) a defense mechanism that denies painful thoughts".

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