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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Theological problems with "God's Problems"

Continuing the previous post's theme, further instances where "little errors in the beginning lead to serious consequences in the end" in [God's Problem]:
1) Assumes that there are innocents.  However innocent a person (including Job) may appear when compared to other (sinful) humans, no one (except for Jesus) is absolutely innocent when measured by God's perfect standard.  As for children, they may currently be innocent, but given the track record of adults, that they will sin at some time if given the chance to reach adulthood is about as close to 100% certainty as one can get.
2) While I agree that suffering is bad, he offers no better option for God to use to return those who have separated from Him. The only other alternative that I can think of is for God to simply ignore evil, but I find it difficult to believe that someone would argue for that.
3) However horrendous suffering here on earth may be, it is far less painful than eternal death.
4) mistakes what God allows to happen with what God urges or wants to happen.  God only "wants" man to suffer in the sense that that is the only means He has to turn man from sin and back into a proper relationship with Him (for the benefit of both).
5) Constantly blames God for the consequences of man's disobedience

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