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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ehrman vs. Free Will Doctrine

All references are from [God's Problem]

Objection #1: "The biblical authors did not think about the possibilities of not having free will- they certainly didn’t know about robots, or indeed any machines that more or less did what they were programmed to do." p. 12
Objection overruled due to:the concept of such beings is not necessary for the argument's conclusion.  For example, one could have posed God's choices as "a world with beings possessing free will" and "no world at all".

Objection #2 The suffering due to natural disasters or diseases cannot be explained as being caused by free will.  p. 12
Objection overruled because: these still could be the consequence of sin, even if they aren't directly caused by misuse of free will.

Objection #3: Unless the saved lose their free will after death, what would prevent them from continuing to misuse it? pp. 12-13
Never having been dead, I can't offer a definite answer,  But I can think of a few reasons why we might no longer want to disobey God, such as out of gratitude for His having mercy on us and/or fully understanding the suffering He endured to redeem us.

Objection #4: "In fact, if God gave people free will as a great gift, why didn’t he give them the intelligence they need to exercise it so that we can all live happily and peaceably together? You can’t argue that he wasn’t able to do so, if you want to argue that he is all powerful."  p. 13
Objection overruled due to: Ehrman's failure to display any correlation between intelligence and free will.  Even if one had complete knowledge of right and wrong (which isn't connected to intelligence either), one could still lack the desire to do the former and refrain from the latter.

Objection #5: "[I]f [God] intervenes sometimes to counteract free will, why does he not do so more of the time? Or indeed, all of the time?"  p. 13
As I mentioned in an earlier post, God owes us nothing and is under no obligation to have helped us at all.  Furthermore, if God intervened every time, then there wouldn't be any consequences for sin.  We would continue believing we could keep getting away with committing evil and/or fail to learn that evil is, well, evil.

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