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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's the end of the world as we know it (or maybe not), and I feel fine (either way)

So when do I think Jesus is coming back?  Well, maybe not today.  Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of my (after)life, although I reserve the right to add the following proviso: God's view of "soon" might differ from yours or mine.  One should not mistake my tone as disinterest in the subject when I have a great concern over the final destination not only for me, but for my fellow human beings as well.  Instead, it is based on the following realizations:

  • God has His own timeline regarding the end of the world, and nothing I or anyone else can do can change it;
  • others have to decide for themselves whether or not to follow God and however much I or anyone else might be able to influence another's choice, it cannot be forced; and,
  • I can see one of two scenarios occurring: first, I die before Jesus returns and either my name is written in the Book of Life or it isn't or, second Jesus returns before I die and either my name is written in the Book of Life or it isn't  Ultimately, the second part of either scenario (whether my name is written in the Book of Life) is of far greater importance to me than the first (whether I'm still alive when Jesus returns).
A related myth is that fundamentalists look forward to the end of the world and the punishment of sinners with anticipatory delight.  Like the issue of theocracy,  while such a view might be held by some fundamentalists, it isn't held by all of them.  Speaking for myself, I think heaven is going to be one big party with the theme "the more, the merrier".

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