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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baldfader™ is not...

  1. Darth Vader's REALLY evil step-brother  (*shushuk, shushuk* "Luke, I am your uncle.")
  2. An Austrian punk rock band ("Ve are Baldfader and Ve are here to rock you.")
  3. The Norwegian word for gusund... gessundhite... gezundheit... that word you say after someone sneezes.
  4. A new James Bond villain (Baldfader, He's the man, the man with the bad combover....)
  5. A mafia don who will offer you a deal you can't refuse on hair restoration products.
  6. A top-secret WWII weapons project ("Whatever you do, don't let the Baldfader plans fall into enemy hands.  Your country is counting on you.")
The truth is... well, I'm not going to tell you what it is, you'll just have to google it to find out.  I just thought it was an odd name, especially since I don't see how it would help anyone to make his or her baldness fade.

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