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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not trying to mess with a missionary man, but...

Every Member a Missionary... really « A Blog for the Church
I have been on a few short-term mission trips. They were cake compared to what most long-term missionaries go through. Those missionaries live on the edge. They eat what is put before them, they sleep wherever they have to, they travel until they get there, they are not committed to comfort or safety. They are on mission.

Do that in your neighborhood for a while and see what happens.
My response (awaiting moderation)
While i agree that most of us will not be subject to the same dangers and hardships that that those on long-term missions face, I don’t think this detracts in any way from the importance of of short-term missions. What I think is more important is that each follows what we feel God calls us to do. Someone who goes on a long-term mission contrary to what his or her calling is being no less disobedient than someone who is called to long-term mission work. yet refuses.
I just hope he doesn't send me any black-eyed looks from all those bible books.

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